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March 22, 2019By

It's the hardest thing to realize you've lost a close friend or partner, when you know there's so much good in them and all the beautiful things they've brought to your life and wanted for you, and you for them. That mistakes were made and wasn't either person's fault, but either person could have prevented permanent damage by doing or acting differently. That a swell of contradictory emotions boil inside until they lose control and destroy everything. That it becomes just a moment too late to step back and realize a better resolve during the heat of the moment. That we all have the power to induce infinitely positive change if we could just see the right solutions at the right time. And worst of all, that mistakes can continue to repeat themselves even though you're concious of what's happening.

Is there no way to fix a broken vase which the flowers of this relationship nested? Or has the technology just not been invented yet? Get a new vase, but you will never have the same flowers. What a waste, or what a blessing for it to have been.