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  • Choose a Direction

    Not My Choice

    March 19, 2019By

    It's up to you, just make a choice. It won't matter unless you think it does. Or it wont matter period. I'm not even a poet, but I actually am. So read my poem because you noticed it, or go away because you don't care.

  • Counting Blessings

    Counting Blessings

    February 8, 2018By

    I've gained a perspective that recognizing the blessings we are given in life on a daily basis is essential to absolute happiness. I want to be concious of that because it resonates with recent discoveries I've made with Buddhism...

  • Nichiren Buddhism - Lotus Flower

    Nichiren Buddhism | Happiness and Peace of Mind

    January 14, 2018By

    Just a week after starting my 2018 abroad with Remote Year, I became friends with Mazen. We engaged in conversation about overcoming pain and loss. Here's the enlightened perspective he showed me through Nichiren Buddhism...